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Growing for more than 70 years

Cultivating an orchard is not just a business, it is a passion and an art

For more than 70 years, our family has been on a quest for excellence. Three generations span the roots of Domaine Bayard. Having learnt from his father Raoul Favel’s expertise on the family farm in the Drôme department of France, George Favel set out on a quest to find exceptional land. In 1982, this visionary creator acquired the Domaine de Collongue in the La Crau flood plain, just outside Arles. A pioneer in the steppes of the Coussouls de Crau, nestled between the Alpilles and the Mediterranean, he was able to make this unique terroir prosper and thrive. Today, Olivier Favel is following in his father’s footsteps, paying homage to the family values and expertise, and elevating Domaine Bayard fruits to true excellence by:

"Growing quality produce with the environment as a key factor in production"

Our values

In tune with nature

« A domain that is managed like a grand cru for exceptionally flavoursome produce »
Our Domaine de Collongue team works in tune with nature to tend the orchard on our quest for excellence. The team’s goal is to ensure the essence of its terroir shines through. Bursting with a multitude of flavours, our fruits are picked when they are perfectly ripe to make sure you get a taste of this unique terroir.

Respecting consumers and fruit

To meet the expectations of our clients and reach our consumers, our sales and packaging teams work hard behind the scenes, united by a common goal: excellence.

Looking to the future

We have been using conservation grazing for the last two years to promote balance in the environment and to care for the soil. Our objective for 2020 is to limit our impact on the environment, support ecosystems to sustainably protect the terroir and create the perfect conditions so that our orchard can obtain HVE (high environmental value) certification..

Today, Olivier Favel is following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, paying homage to the family’s expertise and elevating Domaine Bayard fruits to true excellence.

Domaine Bayard - Arboriculteur pêches et abricots