Our estate, our heritage

A family affair

For more than 70 years, our family has been on a quest for excellence.
Our story begins with George Favel, a pioneer who set out on a quest to find land of unparalleled quality between the Alpilles and the Mediterranean. Once there, he revealed this unique soil’s ability to produce exceptional quality peaches and nectarines. Following in the footsteps of his talented father, Olivier Favel is now writing the next chapter in the Domaine’s story, with an eye on the future and a true commitment to sustainably developing the business.

Our estate, our heritage

Our expertise

What makes Domaine Bayard fruits so good? It is not only the soil, the climate and exposure to the sun but also the expertise of the men and women who tend to the land. This expertise and our team’s hard work are what have made Domaine Bayard fruits known throughout France and Europe for their high quality.

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Domaine Bayard fruits are the result of exacting quality standards and a unique terroir. They are renowned throughout France and other parts of Europe, particularly in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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10 February 2022
Sécurité alimentaire au domaine Bayard

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